Choosing The Perfect Texas Elopement Venue In A Pandemic

After what felt like an eternity, Texas is beginning to open up parts of the state! Woohoo!! But as far as elopements and weddings are concerned, there are still a lot of limitations. We are still only to gather in small groups and maintain social distancing. Venues are currently allowed to operate but there are a lot of guidelines that they must follow to stay in accordance with the state to prevent the spread of the corona virus. What does that mean for you and your ceremony? As we know, the uncertainty can cause a lot of stress and worry about whether or not the status of your venue can change causing you to postpone or cancel your ceremony date.

Our solution? Find the most epic public spaces that will perfectly suit your elopement! Ready to see these magical destinations? Here’s a list of a few of our favorites across the Lonestar state!

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